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Paruppu Kulambu ~ Paruppu Kuzhambu | Simple Aloo Roast | South

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2009-02-06 08:12:00 by HOUsFinestWife


It's the recipe that I modified for my diabetic dad so he could have less sugar and oil. When he was diagnosed, his doc (obviously) told him to cut the sugar, but also told him to cut the fat because in order to control his diabetes he had to lose a considerable amount of weight. He was a truck driver for 20 years and that added up to a lifetime of bad eating habits so this was one of the recipes to "ease" him into eating better. It's not as healthy as some of the other foods but this is fairly decent. The breakdown is as follows:
Exchanges Per Serving
2 Starch

2010-02-15 13:20:26 by NewMeAt38

I prefer more "whole food" options...

The ones you list frequently use processed foods, etc., so mine might be a little out of your comfort zone.
I try to cook from organic and fresh as much as possible, and watch calories for weight loss. I also keep an eye on carbs. I'm not a vegetarian, but some of the sites I use frequently focus on veggies, and I add meat as needed.
Some of my faves:

2008-11-11 19:32:13 by inside_broken

Nifty idea!

Hey that's a really cute idea. I know it can be done with various foods, I'll have to think of something healthier as this year my family has turned health-pro on me. Sister had weight loss surgery and my mom was diagnosed diabetic. Maybe I can search some sugar-free type recipes that could work similarly..
Keep the ideas coming, this is great!

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    I'm wanting to bake some cookies for my grandfather who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Cookies are one of his favorite sweets but unfortunately he's a diabetic so I have to make sure they're sugar free.

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    IF such a thing exists. We have several on our guest list who are diabetic and don't need alot of sugar. We have others on the list who are confirmed health food nuts and won't touch artificial sweetneners with a ten foot pole.

    Obviously, I could do two desserts - one regular and one sugar-free, but I would really like to beat the odds and see if there is a dessert recipe - tried and true - to satisfy both camps.

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      5. or you can buy the sugar free whipping cream and eat it with fresh fruits

      6. cheesecake. cheesecake itself is usually already tasty, so you can leave out the sugar