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Yet another type 1 diabetic weighing in.

First, it's nice of you to be concerned -- the holidays can be tough for kids with diabetes.

Second, I would say that, whatever you end up including in the basket, your goal should be to take the child's needs into account without singling him out or making a big deal of it. Kids with diabetes are often made to feel "different, " and, depending on how old the child is, that can be hard. Since the basket is for the family, I would try to make the contents as universally appealing as possible -- nuts, fruit, maybe some non-food items, nothing obviously "diabetic." After all, it doesn't hurt anybody, diabetic or not, to get less refined sugar, especially around the holidays.

There are all sorts of schools of thought about managing diabetes, so I would second the idea of asking the parents for guidelines. Some diabetics don't make a special effort to avoid refined sugar -- I don't, I focus more on total carbs and what form they're in (a glass of orange juice will affect my blood sugar much quicker than a dish of ice cream). It's best not to make assumptions about what the child will be able to eat, much less what he'll want to eat!

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Veganism growing in India

Sowmya is among a growing tribe of young vegans in India - a stricter form of vegetarianism that seeks to exclude the use of animal products for food, clothing and everything else.
Sowmya says there isn't a day when she doesn't get tempted to relax her self-imposed food curfew. 'But when I think what a poor animal has to go through to produce what is on my table, all those temptations subside,' Reddy told IANS.
The reasons for turning vegan are often ethical - cruelty to animals or environmental commitment. If you are feeding 10 kg of grains to animals to get one kg of meat, it's unfair on the environment or sometimes health, believe vegans

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People who consume animal products are also at increased risk for many other illnesses, including strokes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer's, multiple allergies, diabetes, and food poisoning.

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  • Avatar Jem I want to make a box of chocolate treats that are diabetic friendly, any recipes or ideas?
    Dec 10, 2012 by Jem | Posted in Cooking & Recipes

    My father in law has just been diagnosed with diabetes, and for christmas I would like to make him a lovely box of diabetic friendly treats ! All answers are appreciated!

    • Find something else to give him as a gift.
      No matter what you bake, simply replacing the sugar with artificial sweetener won't make them any more diabeteic friendly than regular treats.
      He will still have to eat only a few and count the carbs in them, much harder to do with home made treats of any kind.
      Your father in law needs to learn how to deal with his new illness and new eating restrictions. It is better to help him with this by giving him a non food gift he won't have to struggle with.

  • Avatar Bonnie Sugar free sugar cookie recipe or nice holiday cookie recipie?
    Dec 14, 2012 by Bonnie | Posted in Cooking & Recipes

    Hi! I really am trying to find a cookie that's pretty and I can cut into shapes that's sugar free. It's a gift for someone and she's diabetic but I still want them to be nice looking... I looked up "sugar free sugar cookies" and "sugar free cookies" on google but they all were really hard or all the ingredients I didn't have-.- so if u know any sugar free cookie recipies that would be a cute and sweet holiday gift please share(:

    • Find a different gift.
      Even if you find a good cookie with artificial sweetener, she still won't be able to eat all she wants, she still has to count the carbs in the other ingredients in the cookies.
      Diabetics can eat regular sweets, just must count the carbs towards their daily intake.

  • Avatar dixie_fried_rebel_chick I am making gifts in a jar for holiday gifts. Where's the best website to find recipes?
    Nov 31, 2006 by dixie_fried_rebel_chick | Posted in Cooking & Recipes
    • Depending on the size of your jar, anything will work...food network has a lot of great recipes that you can put in jars.