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Font Size A A A Foods Can Eat and Not Eat for Diabetics Since Diabetes especially Type 2 Diabetes is caused by the body’s abnormal ability to decompose and use blood sugar, nearly all diabetics are recommended a healthy diet. However, sometimes the doctor just helps them make a rough diet and they are still not very clear what foods can eat and not eat for diabetics. Through this article, I believe you can get your wanted answer.

To not only diabetics but also every person, a healthy diet is an essential part in our daily life. In view of this, today we will first say something about foods can eat for diabetics.

1. Eat correct amount of high-quality protein foods to avoid too much protein waste products. High-quality protein foods include milk, egg white, fish and lean meat.

2. Eat more high-fiber foods. Some coarse food grains such as corn flour and buck wheat, shredded kelp, and vegetables such as celery, cabbage and lettuce. Eating more high-fiber foods is able to help keep bowels open and supply vitamin.

3. Drink correct amount of water. Water instead of fruit juice is recommended to diabetics, because many fruits contain high sugar. To satisfy the body’s need, these people should take enough water according to their specific condition.

Although the diet for people with diabetes isn’t very different from the healthy ones, some foods still need to avoid for them.

1. Avoid high-sugar foods. These foods include candy, chocolate, sweets, soft drinks, fructose, dextrose, maltose, sucrose and lactose, etc.

2. Grains such as corn, rice, wheat, rye and barley are considered healthy for most people, but they can raise diabetics’ blood sugar. Therefore, not every grain is suitable for people with diabetes.

3. Generally, all kinds of vegetables are suggested healthy to us, but diabetics should avoid some vegetables including some beans, potatoes and parsnips, because they contain a lot of starches, which is able to raise patients’ blood sugar.

4. Quit smoking and drinking.

The above is about foods can eat and not eat for diabetics. A healthy diet is vital to the whole treatment. However, the more detailed diet changes along with diabetics’ specific condition. If looking for a detailed diet, we can help you after analyzing your condition for free.

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