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ZingVia is an all natural stevia sweetener. ZingVia, based in Toronto, Ontario was founded in June 2010.

What is this product?

ZingVia's website states:

"ZingVia is an all natural stevia sweetener made from high quality Reb-A. It is zero calories, and perfect for diabetics, weight watchers and health conscious people."

As diabetics, a new sweetener on the market is excellent news. Watching our Carbohydrate intake is essential to controlling blood glucose levels. Sweetness and zero calories !

When and where can I find this product?

  • ZingVia is going to be launched in Canada and the US in early 2011, but no specific date is mentioned.
  • The product will be available for purchase online, with a credit card. So, it may not be available locally in Ottawa stores, but we will still be able to puchase it online. Since it ships from Toronto, which is only a couple of hours away, that should be an advantage to shipping times. Note: I will update, if I find local availability.

Free samples:

They are offering FREE SAMPLES.

Note: Their website indicates the shipping and handling is free in Canada and the US.

ZingVia describes their product:

"Stevia is a sugar substitute derived from the leaves of the stevia plant that is significantly sweeter than sugar but contains no calories, which has made it ideal for low-carb diets and those watching their sugar intake. Most often considered an herb or dietary supplement, stevia is available in most health food stores, but it has even begun to surface in mainstream products after its approval for use as an additive by the FDA in 2008.

How much stevia should I use?

"Stevia, like most sweeteners, is available in both powdered and liquid varieties, so your usage will vary depending on which variety you select. Both varieties are incredibly sweet; you'll only need about one quarter of the amount that you would use if you were using sugar!

So, what's the downside?

"Well, Stevia, as you may have guessed, costs about three times as much as sugar, and sometimes even more depending on location, brand and variety."

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Many causes

1. Poor eating habits.
2. Being too broke too afford quality food, fill in with cheap junk.
3. Addicted to sugar.
4. Thyroid probs, diabetes, other health probs.
5. Slower metabolism in some people.
6. Other health probs reduce mobility, person gets fat.
7. Not enough exercise.
8. Lifestyle -- too much driving, no time to work out or cook decent food.
9. Psych reasons like depression or avoiding sex.
10. Genetics, some people put on weight easier and others can't gain weight unless they try hard.
11. Eating fast food or in restaurants where portions are huge.

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