Diabetic Food plan weight loss

Diabetic Meal Plans Weight Loss : Tips That Will Help You Manage

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Diabetes Nutrition Basics

Managing your diabetes is about more than just keeping track of your blood sugar. Check out some of our top tips for managing your diabetes.

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How to Lose Weight When You Have Diabetes

There’s no question about it: If you're overweight and have type 2 diabetes, dropping pounds is critical to your health. Get tips on how to safely lose weight.
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How Low-Calorie Plans Can Fit Into Diabetic Diets

When it comes to losing weight, simple is always best. Find out how a low-calorie diet can help you achieve your goals.
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Are Low-Carb Diets Safe for People With Diabetes?

Get the facts on low-carb diets and whether they’re a good option for you.
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2008-02-01 08:57:05 by Hello-Kitty

Well losing weight has to mean elimination of

Something, be it entirely or in quantity. Obviously as a diabetic, I have to reduce my carb intake but I won't go overboard with it. Making better choices most of the time allows me to treat myself some of the time. If I have a chocolate craving, I find that I can satisfy it with a couple of squares of dark chocolate, rather than a slice of 6 layer chocolate cake.
Eating meat is a choice one makes regardless of their other food intake patterns. You can be a low or high carb eater and still choose to eat or not eat meat. It's possible to have a high protein diet that is meat-free

Why you should eat fruit -- not drink it -- to lower diabetes risk  — Today.com
Consuming whole fruits at least three times a week may lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new long-term study published Thursday in the British Medical Journal.

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