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Cutting carbs is quite easy for people eating meat-based western diets, and very effective for cutting carbs. But periodically I hear from people with diabetes diagnoses who for religious or cultural reasons can't eat the kinds of food we westerners do. My usual suggestions are to eat more cheese, eggs (if allowed), nuts, yogurt, certain dals, papadums, green vegetables, lower carb fruits, and to chose beans over wheat and rice flour-based products. I warn people to avoid soy protein because of it's negative effect on the thyroid. Soy also, because it damages the inner lining of the intestine, makes it much more likely that large proteins from vegetable sources will get into the bloodstream and provoke allergies. (I'm convinced the current increase in gluten allergies we hear so much about of late is a byproduct of the soy that has been in our diet for a generation.)

I'm not sure what the availability is of protein powder in other countries, or if it is affordable. One of the big challenges of a lower carb diet is that all the cheaper foods most people in the world can afford are very high in starch.

So I'm asking for some other suggestions especially from anyone who has made a vegetarian diabetes diet work for more than a year. What are your ideas. Please post them in the comments section.

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2010-09-06 23:06:58 by Mentzer1406

EASY/CHEAP diabetic dinners

Hello all - I posted a few weeks ago asking for diabetic info/advise. well now I'm wondering if anyone has any easy AND cheap diabetic dinner ideas? right now I'm literally eating freaking tilapia and chicken breast with Brussels sprouts or broccoli and generally eat carby items if we have time to work out, if not i only eat meat and veggies with a few bites of my husbands pasta/potato dish. I'v...d online all over for diabetic recipes but they all seem rather expensive with an extensive list of ingredients. I go to school 5 days a week. i leave at 6:45 and get home around 5 or so. My husband and i don't have a whole lot of money/time for food and we are struggling with meal OPTIONS

2010-02-08 19:05:43 by 3crazyboys

I did a food diary with my oldest when

He was about 20 months for a similar reason - he was an absolute mess upon waking, from nap and in the morning.
He's not reactive to any food, but he is still driven by complete balance at lunch and dinner and a before-bed snack(he's 9 now). Without a balance of really good carbs and protein, he's a disaster all afternoon (weepy, overly-sensitive, etc) and doesn't sleep well at night. At first I thought he was diabetic or maybe hypoglycemic, but he's not either. He just is very thin, and doesn't eat all that much at one setting, but has a warp speed metabolism. He's much better now at monitoring it himself and we rarely have issues at all.

2010-05-27 16:25:17 by daznconfusd

Are u looking for full menus or

Individual recipes?
This is my favorite site for recipes:
My daily food routine is like this:
Breakfast: 1/2 wheat english muffin, fried egg white, and slice of cheese
Snack: 1oz cheese stick and yogart
Lunch: 1/2 caprese sandwich (tomatoe, mozza cheese, basil, EVOO, and vinegar) & milk
Dinner: rosemary, lemon pepper salmon, steam broccoli, & slice of bread.
There's a bread call Ezekiel that's been a life send! It's low on the glycemic index and actually taste good!

2008-09-28 08:52:40 by carbohydrates

How much sugar in Chinese food?

I am diabetic and seldom eat Chinese food in American restaurants, but last night my wife and I decided to try out an unfamiliar Chinese restaurant we found. Two hours after starting the meal my blood sugar had jumped almost 80 mg/dl, which is an unprecidented increase for me. I've eaten large ice cream cones and had less blood sugar increase than that. Is there typically more charbohydrates in a modest Chinese dinner than in an ice cream cone, or that just a fluke of the particular place where we ate?

Why you should eat fruit -- not drink it -- to lower diabetes risk  — Today.com
Consuming whole fruits at least three times a week may lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new long-term study published Thursday in the British Medical Journal.

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