Diabetic Foods and Portions


  • Keep track of your progress and know serving sizes.
  • Losing just 5-10 lbs will lower your chance of diabetes or can help you control diabetes if you've already been diagnosed.

Getting Started

If you want to lose weight, cutting calories is a good place to start. This does not mean you have to stop eating your favorite foods. It does mean eating less.

"Portion control" means:

  • See how much you eat
  • Decide how much to eat
  • Cut back on portion size

Keeping Track

Start by seeing how much you eat. Find out by writing down everything you eat each day. Be sure to write down what you eat and how much. Do this for at least three days. You can use our Food & Activity Tracker or just keep a list on a piece of paper. Many people find that they eat more than they thought!

Serving Sizes

Look at your list and compare to the serving size guide below. How does your list compare?

Here are some serving size guidelines:

  • Meat, fish, poultry—3 oz. (about the size of the palm of your hand)
  • Cheese—1 oz. (about the size of your thumb)
  • Milk, yogurt, fresh vegetables—1 cup (about the size of a tennis ball)
  • Bread—one slice
  • Rice or cooked pasta—⅓ cup
  • Potato or corn—½ cup
  • Dry cereal—¾ cup

You may find that your serving sizes are much bigger. If so, it's time to make a change! Get started by using measuring cups and spoons to serve your food. After a while, you'll be able to "eyeball" the amount.

Remember This

Don't feel bad and think you have to lose a lot of weight. You only have to lose 5-10 lbs. to lower your chances for diabetes. If you have diabetes, losing 5-10 lbs. could help you manage it.

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2011-05-14 23:00:20 by Brandymommy2afew

Diabetic Cat Update

So we saw the vet the and got all the old records sent to my vet. The exam went well except he had ear mites pretty severely so we got that treated. The vet suggested we try the prescription wet food since his previous vet said he never liked the dry foods. I politely bought one can and said thanks (later that week I donated it with the almost full bag of the hairball control to the humane society) Bingo and transitioned very nicely to the fancy feast... He really likes the plain ol' chicken best though.
I have been rubbing up on his ears since the appointment making it nice, petting him on the ears while I feed him, and just loving him up really

2012-08-24 17:07:33 by skaler

I put two rounded tablespoons into Molly's

Bowl. Just doesn't look like enough. Are you sure she's getting enough? I have another dog, who is 11 years old, diabetic, blind, and weighs just under 20 pounds-a poodle-schnauzer mix. We've been giving him a cup full of Hills W/D prescription food for diabetic dogs. I think it's around $45 for a 17 pound bag. Probably more.He gets 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup 12 hours later. Each meal is followed 15 minutes later with 11 units of N Insulin.
Molly is getting 1/2 cup of Blue Buffalo( what my daughter feeds her pooch and left a plastic baggy full for us)and seems to eat just once a day.

2009-03-20 11:55:21 by Bridle_Less_Equus

For those of you interested in TB Gelding

Some are asking why I am placing my boy. I don't care if I get flamed on here for trying to find him a home as like I say below- this horse has everything he could possibly need and I keep ending up in the hospital because I am not taking care of myself. E-mail if you want more info. Thanks!
There is nothing wrong with Captain. I am just in a horrible position right now after a car accident and can't afford to give him the love he deserves. He is my BABY and I bought him when he was 13 and did 3 Day Eventing with him for a couple of years, then did Dressage and then we moved up from Oregon to the Bay Area

Why you should eat fruit -- not drink it -- to lower diabetes risk  — Today.com
Consuming whole fruits at least three times a week may lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new long-term study published Thursday in the British Medical Journal.

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  • Avatar Zluxx Can you feed your cat Diabetic food if it is severely overweight?
    Jan 07, 2012 by Zluxx | Posted in Cats

    My cat is not diagnosed as diabetic but it is very overweight and we were told if it did not diet it would become so, he has lost a lot of weight but is still large. I noticed there was diabetic cat food available in stores that claims to maintain a controlled weight? can I feed this to my cat or will it cause him health problems? should I ask the vet before doing so? Thankyou.

    • You can, whether you should, it really depends what's in it. Some diabetic foods are packed full of fiber and carbs. Some diabetic foods are packed full of protein. The first is not a good choice, the second would be. Look for foods with lots of meaty protein, less grains. The average dry cat fo …l times. Set out a carefully measured portion of food two times a day and don't give in to any begging. Also be careful to take the weight off slowly. Losing too much too quickly isn't good either. Took my kitty from 18 pounds to 12 pounds by using better quality foods and meal times. Good luck!