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A Week On This Diabetic Meal Plan

Ok, so its now been 8 days following My Diabetic Diet and here are my thoughts so far. As already mentioned getting used to the diabetic eating plan, following the routine, is much easier during the week than at the weekend. I think the best advice i can give anyone starting this is don’t wait to fail to read the top tips section – use everything in there from day 1 and you will find this diabetic diet much easier. I am finding the eating plan quite easy and the diabetic food list is also not a problem – i am sticking to the green list as suggested and i have found it offers enough choices to have varied meals. My supplemental meals are now set into a routine but i do still use the phone alarm to remind me. My free day will be Saturday this week as i am going out to dinner at a restaurant. If like my last free day i find myself not too hungry in the evening i will have a starter as my main course as suggested. I am having Monday – Wednesday as my alcohol free days with perhaps just a glass of wine (instead of beer as suggested) on other evenings. I have struggled with the water intake during the day and need to find a better routine for this – on alcohol free days i consume the full suggested amount in the evening no problem.

In terms of results – how do i feel a week into this? Well as suggested i have not counted calories again and i waited a week to weigh myself. I have lost a healthy three pounds in 8 days and i feel as though that has come off my stomach. I definitely think the morning supplemental meal has left my digestive system scraped clean. There used to be a TV show in the UK where some mad Scottish doctor examined one of your ****s – i would describe mine as being healthier than they have for years! My urine is clear almost all the time thanks to the water intake and i no longer feel bloated in the evenings as i did before nor do i feel tired in the afternoons. My metabolism/digestive system has certainly changed noticeably in terms of what comes out of my body and when.

So far so good.


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2011-06-23 21:57:02 by verysoftone

Oatmeal is good for lowering cholesterol

And getting the HDLs higher. Don't eat too much though, if you are diabetic or have that tendency. Steel cut is best. Raw garlic is good for lowering BP. Eat as much as you love it. Don't have a calorie counting list, but the method of using your hand to measure foods seems like a better way to go. This is a heart-healthy site and even has recipes:

2006-09-26 10:57:30 by that-is-diabetic-already

This paragragh of yours, good grief. Anyone

LOOK OUT. You'd be shocked at what packaged foods contain sugar -- ketchup, salad dressings, tomato sauce, bread crumbs -- and the list goes on. Even a lot of soymilks have sugar in them, look for the UNsweetened kinds, ditto for Almond milks and such.
Well, DUH!!
Today's diabetics are taught moderation/smaller portions. I am allowed to safely eat 50 carbs per meal. If I want cookies or cakes I either add those in to my 50 carbs or wait an hour or two to have a treat.
You don't need special cookbooks and going high on proteins is also not healthy it will do your kidneys in if you are diabetic.

2007-02-24 04:48:04 by --

Some good advice

The number 1 thing is to control your blood sugar.
Get it low & keep it low! No matter what you hear from other people about eating whole grains ect.
If food you eat drives up your blood sugar STOP eating it!
You can live very healthy w/o starch & grains.
Also limit protein to about 40-48 grams/day.
If you want to stay free from diabetic complications like kidney failure from too much protein, or other problems alter your diet so your blood sugar is less than 100. (83-88) is ideal
I've had diabetes for a while I keep it about
86-99 I'm 30 lbs overweight, losing it I might keep it down to 80's

Why you should eat fruit -- not drink it -- to lower diabetes risk  —
Consuming whole fruits at least three times a week may lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new long-term study published Thursday in the British Medical Journal.

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      -white rice - most fruit and veggies
      -white bread
      - over cooked rice and noodles

      These are just a few examples, but the internet has loads of info on the Glycemic index