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You can make a huge difference to your health by making a few simple changes to your everyday eating.

In short:

  • Base your meals around the ideal plate.
  • Drink plenty of water. Avoid drinking fruit juice and other sweet drinks.
  • Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.Salmon.
  • Eat some carbohydrate food at each meal, but not too much.
  • Choose food low in sugar, saturated fat and calories or kilojoules.

Click here to download our booklet on healthy food choices.Tomatoes. It provides you with an easy to read overview on making healthy food choices.

This section has heaps of information that can help you learn about healthy food choices

The following pages will help you make healthy food choices by showing you what to look for when choosing foods and shopping at the supermarket.

  • Go to the recipes section to find lots of different recipes and learn how to recreate your favourite recipes with simple ingredient changes while still retaining their delicious flavours.
  • The ideal plate shows you what a healthy meal plate looks like and what serving sizes are recommended for different foods.Sandwich.
  • The healthy food choices and tips section provides helpful tips on food choices such as serving sizes, catering for people with diabetes and eating at special occassions like birthdays and Christmas.
  • What to shop for explores different foods and what to look for to make healthier choices.
  • The food labels section looks at the labels on food, what they mean, how to read them and what to look for.
  • The Glycaemic Index (GI) explains how different carbohydrate foods have different effects on blood glucose levels. Learn how to use the GI to help you control your blood glucose levels.
  • Under questions and answers you can find answers to commonly asked questions.

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2007-04-30 10:35:28 by -

Look into the glycemic index

It's a ranking of foods and how they spike blood sugar. One of the best lists is at Prevention.com. I'm 44 and recently found out I'm diabetic. Not overweight at all. Family history.
I use the glycemic index as a guide. For me, I simply avoid food in the "high" range except for watermelon..which I eat in moderation.
Another essential component to controlling blood sugar is limiting carbs. I don't believe in the Atkins Diet, but the general theory is similar. No white rice, white potatoes, white bread, white flour. Substitute with brown rice, WHOLE wheat bread, WHOLE wheat pasta, etc.

Why you should eat fruit -- not drink it -- to lower diabetes risk  — Today.com
Consuming whole fruits at least three times a week may lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new long-term study published Thursday in the British Medical Journal.

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