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Food is central to the identity of South Africans. During meals we talk and the family meets around the table. On holidays and high days we gather around the braai and the potjie pot which reflect the amazing diversity of our country.

But food can also be our enemy. We are seeing unprecedented and rising levels of non-communicable diseases in South Africa, with terrible impacts on our health – heart disease, stroke, type two diabetes and cancers are all on the increase, due to our increasingly poor diet. The rise of fast foods and urban living have taken their toll.

We all know that staying healthy can be difficult. We have busy schedules, and shrinking household budgets. Healthy foods recommended to us often seem inaccessible and unaffordable, making us feel inadequate if we can’t achieve those ideals. It can be time-consuming to make the journey to the supermarket and to prepare a meal, when we can find fast food closer to home.

The truth is healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, expensive or complicated! It can be as simple as making small changes to your family’s favourite dishes and even bringing in new traditions. Our collection of recipes shows how to make food that tastes good, is simple to prepare and is easy on the pocket. It also gives tips about how to stretch your budget further. By using readily available ingredients, you too can prevent yourself and your families from the dangers of non-communicable diseases.

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2010-02-15 13:20:26 by NewMeAt38

I prefer more "whole food" options...

The ones you list frequently use processed foods, etc., so mine might be a little out of your comfort zone.
I try to cook from organic and fresh as much as possible, and watch calories for weight loss. I also keep an eye on carbs. I'm not a vegetarian, but some of the sites I use frequently focus on veggies, and I add meat as needed.
Some of my faves:

Why you should eat fruit -- not drink it -- to lower diabetes risk  — Today.com
Consuming whole fruits at least three times a week may lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new long-term study published Thursday in the British Medical Journal.

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