Good Diabetic Foods snacks

Healthy snacks--Portugal biscuits and cookies products,China
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Fruits, nuts healthy thangs maybe something with a little sugar in it just in case.

When I leave the ranch I have a couple of apples, sliced in ziplock bag, celery with cheese filling (you might like peanutbutter), triscuits, and a couple of those Oatmeal breakfast bars along with a regular coke and a couple of bottles of water. This all goes into my little insulated cooler with ice packs along with my insulins and other meds I may need.

My hubby doesn't like to cater to my food needs, so I have to take what I want for nibbling on during the day. He will go for 12 hours between meals. We know you and I cannot do that.

Any finger food you like will work!

good luck friend!!

Nuts, those little crackers & peanut butter packages, apples or grapes. Make sure you also have glucose tablets or fast-acting candy on hand to grab if you go low and need to pull over to eat.

cheese, beef jerky, sugar free jello or pudding

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i usually bring things low card bc other wise my sugar goes up lol (i am type 1) but i bring slim jims, cheese, celery, carrots, crackers (like cheese its and goldfish) and always brign fruit snacks if u go low

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: What are good foods/snacks for a diabetic to pack for a road trip?

2008-02-05 08:34:58 by oldnewf

I LOOVVEE Chocolate - and Diabetic too

I had to do some radical changes when I was diagnosed as a high end diabetic. Chocolate is my first love, since teenage years. However, I made some alterations to other bad habits and now 'treat' myself once in a while - there are great diabetic (sugar free) foods now - cookies, chocolate that tastes 'real'(not like carib!!!) This might help... good luck.. maybe try to switch some of your wife's snacks without telling her...

2004-08-08 09:52:18 by NearPerfect9

A few tips that may give you a lot of success

Here are a couple simple things you can try to achieve fat loss and better nutrition. First of all, do you drink soda? If you do, just eliminate it from your diet. It is full of empty calories. I know people who've lost 10 lbs this way. Secondly, try to switch to snacks that are more "whole." No more chips, candy bars, gummy bears, etc. It will seem hard but once you'll do it, you'll be happier... try eating almonds and dried fruit and yogurt to snack on. I do allow myself sugar free chocolate every day (or go for regular if you're not hypoglycemic/diabetic)... if you're a chocoholic.
Increasing vegetables is a good thing

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