Diabetic Foods at Safeway

Whatever your taste, you can keep your blood sugar in check.

Lara Rondinelli By Lara Rondinelli, RD, LDN, CDE

Last month we learned about healthier choices when eating fast food, now it's time to learn about healthy eating at different types of restaurants. Eating out can often bring stress, temptation, and high blood glucose levels for people with diabetes - so you need to learn the best approach for you when stepping into a restaurant. We already talked about some of the eating-out dangers such as extra-large portion sizes, treating yourself too much for the "special occasion", and going into a restaurant without a plan. Remember those key principles and here are some tips for eating different cuisines healthfully:

Italian restaurants can be full of high-carbohydrate foods such as bread, pasta, lasagna, and risotto. Many dishes are also high in fat with cream sauces, cheeses, sausage, pepperoni, or fried foods such as eggplant Parmesan – these are the foods to limit. One of the healthiest changes you can make at an Italian restaurant is to limit your portion size of pasta. I often tell my patients to think of pasta (and rice) as a side dish rather than the main entre. Usually one cup of pasta, which contains 45 grams of carbohydrate, is a proper portion size for most people. The next time you are eating pasta at home, measure out 1 cup of cooked pasta to get an idea of what it looks like on your plate.

Here are some healthier dishes to order at Italian Restaurants:
Chicken or veal picata, marsala, or cacciatore. Grilled or baked fish, pasta with marinara sauce with chicken, fish or vegetables, minestrone soup, salad with low-fat dressing.

Mexican food can also be full of carbohydrates with large portions of rice, beans, and tortillas. It can also be high in fat from sour cream, cheese, and fried foods, such as chimichangas. Limiting portion sizes of tortillas, rice, and beans can limit the carbohydrate content and choosing lower-fat entrees will make for healthier eating. Also, don't forget to limit the chips and salsa – you can consume large amounts of calories, carbs and fat even before you begin your meal. If you love chips and salsa, take a handful and ask for the basket to be removed from the table.

Here are some healthier dishes to order at Mexican Restaurants:
Soft chicken or fish tacos with salsa, chicken or shrimp fajitas, taco salad (without the fried shell), broth-based soup, chicken with rice, and chicken burrito (easy on cheese, sour cream).

Chinese food can be notorious for raising blood sugar levels, therefore making healthy choices here is very important. The base of the Chinese cuisine is healthy – lots of vegetables and lean meat such as chicken. However, when you throw in extra large portions of white or fried rice, egg rolls, breaded and fried chicken, and sugar-laden sauces, Chinese food can become quite unhealthy quickly. Be aware of these foods and opt for some better choices. Remember, to watch your portion size of rice and white rice is always better than fried rice. Brown rice would be the best choice if available.

2010-05-09 22:31:30 by stanbee

You've missed the winners for the cult

There are many good and well-priced items. La Vache Que Rit processed cheese is 4.99 at Safeway. $2.99 @TJ. Yeh I buy serious cheese in a cheese store but LQR is nice on toast for breakfast with coffee. And,I buy wine in a wine shop.
For the diabetic in me hard to find Kozy-Shack sugarless tapioca and rice pudding. And cheap. Not a great product to begin with but satifies my starch lust without sugar peaks. The glop is ok when thinned with some milk.
The house Belgian Choc pudding was TDF. Cans of nice marinara or plum tomatoes. Rubbery low fat cheddar that must eat if I eat cheese at all

2010-08-30 00:54:50 by --MrsK--

My husband's a Type 2

He checks his glucose twice a day: Once in the morning as soon as he gets up, and then again two hours after dinner. Our doctor told him to keep his numbers between 74 and 124. He does pretty well, but some evenings his numbers are too high.
He keeps a daily diary of what his numbers are and what he has for dinner. This helps me tremendously because then I know which dinners to avoid.
Hot dogs, potato salad, and some chips will make your numbers spike. The bun is a carb, with white flour and sugar, the potato salad is full of carbs with potatoes and mayo, and the chips, again, are potatoes

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