Diabetic food store Dallas

Do you ever wonder what to buy at health food stores?
Learn more about organic produce,bulk grains,natural sweeteners and more!

Please join us for a free,fun and informative health food store tour on Tuesday,August 20th,2013 at 10:00 a.m. at the N. Dallas location of Natural Grocers (Preston Forest Shopping Center).

Personal chef and caterer Debby Rubin will be joining our tour.Learn from her expert experience about cooking with a flair using fresh and nutritious foods,herbs and spices.

Bring a notepad,’cause you’ll be learning a lot.

As you follow the group from aisle to aisle,we’ll drop knowledge
about planning and preparing healthful meals; introduce you to the
benefits of edibles such as chard,kale,quinoa,and flaxseed; and
prove to you exactly why you need to read the label on
everything that passes your lips.

Did we mention the free samples? Oh yeah,and they’re surprisingly tasty too!

2013-02-19 16:34:56 by the_jaywalker

The Big Book recommends have some chocolate

Handy, because it can kill the physical craving for a drink. At fourteen months of sobriety, I suggest you check with a medical doctor. Many of us are diabetic though I am not.
I consume non-sugar frozen yogurt and raw honey for desert. Whole wheat and grain for breakfast, etc.
I had to abandon the three basic food groups of the South: meat, grease, and gravy, something I had to do in the '80's, and it has paid off handsomely.
Best of luck!

2008-03-19 23:40:39 by punkrockmommy85

Omg... did it live?

I adopted an 11 year old cat from waiside waifs (local animal shelter)that weighed 28 lbs, no kidding. He is now down to 19 lbs, thanks to a vet recomended weight management food and a strict feeding schedule. He's a big Tom so 19 lbs is still heavy, but much better than he was... I just dont understand how that happens... I guess a bored house pet that dosent get much exercise, and has nothing better to do than eat, plus if the pet owner 'free feeds'... Poor kitty, He even hat to be treated for kidney problems due to his high bloodsugar. He was basically diabetic. He was taken from a home in south Kansas City Mo that had 17 cats and 8 dogs, way more than allowed in city limits, poor, filthy conditions, they even found 2 dead cats under a bunch of garbage

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