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Gestational diabetes is high blood sugar (glucose) that starts or is first diagnosed during pregnancy.

Eating a balanced diet is an important part of any pregnancy. Diet is even more important if you have diabetes.

This article discusses the diet recommendations for women with gestational diabetes who do NOT take insulin.


The best way to improve your diet is by eating a variety of healthy foods.

You should learn how to read food labels, and consult them when making food decisions.

Talk to your doctor or dietitian if you are a vegetarian or on some other special diet.

In general, your diet should be:

  • Moderate in fat and protein
  • Provide controlled levels of carbohydrates through foods including fruits, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates (such as bread, cereal, pasta, and rice)
  • Lower in foods that have a lot of sugar, such as soft drinks, fruit juices, and pastries

You will be asked to eat three small- to moderate- sized meals and one or more snacks each day. Do not skip meals and snacks. Keep the amount and types of food (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) the same from day to day.


  • Carbohydrates should make up less than half of the calories you eat.
  • Most carbohydrates are found in starchy or sugary foods, such as bread, rice, pasta, cereal, potatoes, peas, corn, fruit, fruit juice, milk, yogurt, cookies, candy, soda, and other sweets.
  • High-fiber, whole-grain carbohydrates are healthier choices.
  • Vegetables (such as carrots, broccoli, and spinach) add much more to your health than to your blood sugar. Enjoy lots of them.
  • Carbohydrates in food are measured in grams. You can learn to count the carbohydrates in the foods that you like and that you eat.


  • Eat 6 or more servings a day: one serving equals 1 slice bread, 1 ounce ready-to-eat cereal, 1/2 cup cooked rice or pasta, or 1 English muffin.
  • Foods like bread, grains, beans, rice, pasta, and starchy vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy carbohydrates.
  • Choose carbohydrate sources with plenty of fiber. Eat whole-grain foods such as whole-grain bread or crackers, tortillas, bran cereal, brown rice, or beans. Use whole-wheat or other whole-grain flours in cooking and baking.
  • Eat more low-fat breads, such as tortillas, English muffins, and pita bread.

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2012-09-09 10:44:33 by StuckHereInTheMiddle

Best diet?

OK, we all were taught to eat a "balanced diet" with representation from all the "food groups". Then the food pyramid came along. Now we've got the next graphic.
There are people here (Taragon_Man) who advocate a plant-based, "GOMBS", diet, and claim that that will cure everything from diabetes and high blood pressure to obesity and insulin resistance. There are others here (AZ_Dude) who recommend a high-fat, low-carb diet and who go so far as to recommend eating fatty cuts of meat, and make similar health claims, supporting those claims with studies of improved maintenance of weight reduction in obese diabetic patients who eat such diets

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